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  • Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie Recipe

    Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie Recipe

    This Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie is the smoothie of all smoothies! It is made with frozen fruit, orange juice, and a little bit of vanilla. This Berries and Banana Smoothie is thick and perfect for a healthy breakfast or a tasty snack. It’s a Smoothie Kind of World Smoothies are all the craze these…

  • Chia seed pudding recipe

    Chia seed pudding recipe

    I truly love chia seeds and use them all the time. Chia seeds are mini powerhouses packing more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries, and more omega-3 than salmon. Chia seeds are a staple for those of us in the health and wellness space, but surprisingly there are a ton of people out there…

  • Mashed Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes Sandwich

    Mashed Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes Sandwich

    I am currently in the middle of a love affair… With avocado. It is warm, thick, crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside, completely vegan, and utterly delicious. I can also say mouth-watering, appetizing, delectable. All synonyms of food heaven. Thinking now I have always loved avocado. Guacamole has always been one of…

  • Delicious Bran Pancakes Recipe

    Delicious Bran Pancakes Recipe

    Surprise  your family on a Sunday morning or any other morning by making those deliciously tasty bran pancakes. Either by serving them with sautéed pears and apples or by just covering them with maple syrup you gonna send everybody in food ecstasy. Printable Recipe:

  • Great Breakfast- 4 Ingredients

    Great Breakfast- 4 Ingredients

    One thing I hate in the morning is a complicated breakfast. Here is a breakfast that needs only 4 ingredients, not a lot of time to cook and tremendous amount of pleasure to eat….with your morning coffee. Let me introduce you to Good Cooking Egg Cups.   Inspired already. Than keep scrolling down to see…

  • Strawberry banana & oatmeal brûlée

    Strawberry banana & oatmeal brûlée

      I know they say oatmeal is good for you, but if you’re like me, you’re adding a little something to make that colourless mush just a wee bit more appetizing. A drizzle of honey and some dried fruit like cherries or blueberries goes a long way, but why stop there when you can take…

  • Benefits of Eating Fruits

    Benefits of Eating Fruits

    Fruits, goldmine of vitamins, minerals and fibre are ideal to consume at least 4-5 servings in a day. Since they are in the natural form, account for largest part of water and 100% bad cholesterol free, it’s much easier for the body to process and absorb the vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit. Apple –…

  • Asparagus,Poached Eggs and Hollandaise

    Asparagus,Poached Eggs and Hollandaise

    Asparagus season is upon us!Now is the time to enjoy one of nature’s power houses. And if that wasn’t enough,eaten regularly, asparagus packs an almighty punch to diseases such as cancer and heart disease as well as boosting your immune system. Ingredients: 2 whole organic Eggs, 1 Egg Yolk 2 tsbp Vinegar juice from ½…

  • Maple Cinnamon Pancakes

    Maple Cinnamon Pancakes

    Pancakes are one of my favorite comfort breakfast foods and what two flavors represent the holiday season better than maple and cinnamon (and pumpkin, of course)?  This recipe is high in protein and kept me full for hours.  When you have a little extra time one morning (ha ha), treat yourself and your family to this healthful version of…

  • Mini Veggie Frittata

    Mini Veggie Frittata

    I have had several requests for breakfast ideas lately, so I will do my best to fulfill those requests.  For those of you who like eggs, this is a simple protein-packed breakfast.  You can change the veggies to anything you wish, I used what I happened to have in my fridge.  Because of the high protein and…