3 Bit Cake

3 bit cake

After the unexpected success of  The Warm Goat Cheese Salad let me show you another Polish invention, this time by our dear fan Mrs Kornelia Szczepanik.

To say that this cake is good would be quite an understatement. So let’s cut the long story short. She made it. We ate it. As simple as that -as quick as that I would say as well.

3 bit cake
3 bit cake


1 packet (1kg)Petit Biscuits

250g Dark Chocolate

600ml Double Cream

800ml Whole Milk

2 cans-Fudge Caramel Cream

2 packets Budyn (chocolate or vanilla flavour like the main picture)- Polish custard

2 packets “Sniezka” -White Whipped Cream in powder form

1 packet Dr. Oetker Smietan-fix.This powder helps you to get perfect whipped cream.

Of course, you can buy all those products in your local Polish shop and I am sure if you just say “3 bit” there you will be directed to all the products above straight away.


Start with a layer of Petit Biscuits

Put the cans in hot water for about 20 min

Spread on top of the biscuit layer…

The second biscuit layer…

To make the custard- bring the milk to a boil remove from the heat. Add the powder from packet to the milk and mix together with hand-mixer or fork for about 1 minute.

I found Polish budyn much better than custard…maybe because you can buy it in different flavours, like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, banana, and lots more!

When thick enough spread on top of the second layer of biscuits.

Another layer of biscuits on top of the custard…

Now let’s make some whipped cream using the Sniezka and the Dr. Oetker Smietan-fix.

When ready spread it on top of the third layer of biscuits…

And now the fourth and final layer of biscuits…

Melt the chocolate…

…and pour on top of the biscuit layer. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours.

Ciasto 3 Bit
Ciasto 3 Bit

Have you ever seen a better-looking homemade biscuit cake? I certainly never had one as tasty as this one.

Enjoy. Or like Kornelia would say Smacznego!






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  1. Karina avatar

    Amazing cake. Many Thanks!

  2. Avy avatar

    What size tray did you use ?

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