Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup

This creamy and refreshing chilled soup is low in carbs and it doesn’t require any cooking at all: just whiz the ingredients in a blender or food processor.

Fresh cucumber, good-for-you avocado, and green onion combined with buttermilk and fresh mint leaves make a sensuous tribute to the abundant lushness of the good green world. We think the Goddess of Summer would approve!



2  Cucumbers
2  Avocados
3  Scallions (also known as green onions, spring onions, salad onions, green shallots ), chopped
1/4 bunch of  Mint Leaves
2 cup Buttermilk
1 1/2 cup Cold Water
1/2 tsp. Salt



Cut the cucumbers in half and use a spoon to remove all the seeds. Reserve about one half of a cucumber and mince it and set aside.

Coarsely chop the remaining cucumbers and place into a food processor.

Peel the avocados and mince one, setting it aside with the minced cucumber. Coarsely chop the other avocado and place it into the food processor.

Puree the cucumber and avocado until smooth. Add the buttermilk, water, salt, mint, and scallions and continue to puree until smooth, about 2 minutes.

Chill the soup until ready to eat, at least 15 minutes. Float the minced cucumber and avocado in the soup when serving.








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