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Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie Recipe

This Mixed Berries and Banana Smoothie is the smoothie of all smoothies! It is made with frozen fruit, orange juice, and a little bit of vanilla. This Berries and Banana Smoothie is thick and perfect for a healthy breakfast or a tasty snack. It’s a Smoothie Kind of World Smoothies are all the craze these […]


Pickled Red Onions Recipe

I always have pickled onions in my fridge and I think you should too. This is an easy homemade pickled onion recipe; perfect pickled red onions for tacos, or pickled onions for bbq and sandwiches. Onions contain high levels of vitamins C and B and potassium, as well as dietary antioxidants. In a sealed jar, […]


Salmon Parcels | Fish is the Dish

Wrap salmon in parcels with tomatoes, olives, rosemary and capers to create plenty of buttery juices to go with this nutritious, protein-packed meal. Wrapping the Salmon fillets in foil keeps all the flavour in the parcels (this time I didn’t want to have individual parcels). With a little additional flavour from the olive oil,  lemon, rosemary […]

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Classic Spanish Paella Recipe

Paella is one of my favourite foods of all time. As far as I know, paella is a traditional dish from the Community of Valencia. It consists of rice as well as anything else that you fancy.  Normally this dish is prepared in an enormous pan with handles called a paella, in the Valencian language (this language is […]

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Seafood Noodles with Mussels and Shrimp

This is a quick and delicious dish that you can make in one pot in less than 30 mins. It’s absolutely delicious and loaded with all kinds of seafood in a fresh and homemade seafood pasta sauce. Making the pasta sauce from scratch instead of using a bottled pasta sauce is a game-changer when it […]

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Salmon Fishcake Recipe

Salmon makes a luxurious fish cake, perfect for a special meal and can be served with salad and accompanied with tartar or chilli sauce. These are probably the most simple salmon fishcakes you will come across as this recipe is not posh but quick and effective. Serve one as a starter, or two for a […]

Desserts Italian cuisine

Apricot Frangipane Tart

Apricot and almonds are a match made in heaven and this tart makes the most of both of them. I can never get enough of these two flavours. Apricot Frangipane Tart is the show-stopping summer dessert to pull out when you really want to impress guests. In classic Italian tradition, a rich, creamy, almost silken […]

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Omi’s lemon and dill salmon parcel

Hosting a group of friends or family becomes a lot easier when you’ve got a couple of sure-fire recipes up your sleeve. One of my favourites is salmon (with crème fraîche) wrapped in puff pastry. So easy, so delicious and SOOOO impressive!!! Best of all, not only can you make the dill sauce ahead of […]


Sesame and Ginger Grilled Chicken Recipe

Forget about take-out because this healthier version is 1000x better than any restaurant sesame chicken and comes together in 20 minutes. Grilling chicken is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer season with your family and friends; it’s full of flavour yet lean and healthy. Marinated in a simple mixture that includes soy sauce, sesame […]

Desserts Healthy Recipes

Raspberry Smoothie Recipe

This raspberry smoothie recipe is full of berries, banana and Greek yoghurt, all blended up into smooth and creamy perfection! I am currently obsessed with smoothies! It’s been the easiest and quickest way to drink my meal on the go while packing in tons of nutrients in one glass. Raspberries are like tiny delicate edible […]