5 most famous desserts to have in the United States

American desserts
If you have your approval by Esta then it means you can travel to the United States and try out the best desserts out there. Humans have been craving sweets since the Ice Age but while in that time it was honey and fruits, with the invention of refined white sugar the term dessert has taken a whole new and delicious spin. We all want to eat good manufactured desserts all the time but as our diet does not allow us let me present you the top five famous desserts to have in the United States that are simply a must, and after all five isn’t that big of a number and you can allow yourself to indulge right? These sweets are decadent and if you haven’t tried them yet, you haven’t truly lived.

American desserts

1. Jell-o 

– There’s always room for Jell-o, that’s what their slogan says and I guess it’s true as it is a slightly light dessert. This is actually a brand name but it has become known to any gelatinous desserts and it is considered the most popular dessert in the United States. 
– It is also famous for the fact that it is easily made and requires no cleaning after making it because it basically consists of adding boiling water over the powder mix and voila, you have your dessert.


2. Cupcakes

– If you are looking for a quick dessert that has less calories than a normal cake then you have made the right choice. You only need to try these out and what’s best is that you can find them everywhere thanks to the fact that they have enjoyed a recent explosion in popularity.

– They come in different forms and colours, such as Red Velvet Cupcake, Orange Peel Cupcake et cetera and you can also have your pick at the cream flavour. 


3. Cookies

– The most famous ones are the Chocolate Chip Cookies that can be found at every street corner. This is a small but luscious dessert that can contain different fruits or nuts in it’s batch.
– It is a small flat baked treat that contains eggs, flour, butter and sugar and then you can add whatever flavour you want.


american desserts


– This is a moist and gooey dessert that has conquered the hearts of American’s so try it out and it won’t disappoint.
-The most surprising element is the fact that the main ingredient is not cheese per se but cheese cream, ricotta or even cottage cheese. This cake come into different variations and forms but the classical New York Cheesecake has no toppings whatsoever and is made using fresh cheese cream, eggs, milk and graham crackers for the crust.


5. Apple Pie

– Although there are many recipes for pies with different variations of fruits Apple Pie, Hot Dogs and Baseball remain the most typical American desserts. Although it was not invented in America it is still one of the most known and sought after and so it practically became 100% American.
– You can decorate your Pie with fresh cream or even vanilla ice-cream so you will have your apple filled puff pastry in a most decadent and delicious way.






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