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  • Cheeseless chocolate truffle cheesecake

    Cheeseless chocolate truffle cheesecake

    This is for the chocoholics among chocoholics! Rich, creamy and indulgent. An intensely chocolaty velvety filling over a crunchy raw almond and date base and topped with juicy raspberries. This is the perfect decadent dessert and is totally refined sugar free, grain free, wheat free, gluten free and vegan. Perfect for dinner parties or a […]

  • 5 most famous desserts to have in the United States

    5 most famous desserts to have in the United States

    If you have your approval by Esta then it means you can travel to the United States and try out the best desserts out there. Humans have been craving sweets since the Ice Age but while in that time it was honey and fruits, with the invention of refined white sugar the term dessert has […]

  • Quick asian style shrimp saute

    Quick asian style shrimp saute

    Shrimp is always a tasty treat in the summertime. Put it together with refreshing cucumber and you have a light, very quick dish. I guarantee you can make this dish at least twice in the time it takes for that Chinese delivery guy to show up. But this will be much fresher. Chinese food has actually been in America […]

  • Homemade Hot Chocolate

    Homemade  Hot Chocolate

    Everyone loves chocolate! So your very own unique homemade chocolate recipe that you’ve created and lovingly decorated is sure to be a hit this year. You’d be surprised just how easy it can be to create some wonderful chocolate recipes, and once you’ve gifted them and seen the reaction, you’ll wonder what you ever saw […]

  • Pumpkin Pie

    Pumpkin Pie

    The British have never really got pumpkin pie, although cookbook writers have been trying hard to make us like it for over 300 years – long before the first recipe appeared in Cucubita pepo’s native America. Jill Dupleix quotes a 1932 letter to the Times in which a gentleman marvels at the prodigious growth of […]

  • Give me red…Red Velvet Cake Roll

    Give me red…Red Velvet Cake Roll

    I’ve have always wanted to make a red velvet cake (RVC) for as long as I can remember. It scared me (!)….like so many other people around the globe… It was only last week I lost my red velvet virginity – I seem to be losing my virginity a lot these days. Red Velvet cake […]