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  • Omi’s lemon and dill salmon parcel

    Omi’s lemon and dill salmon parcel

    Hosting a group of friends or family becomes a lot easier when you’ve got a couple of sure-fire recipes up your sleeve. One of my favourites is salmon (with crème fraîche) wrapped in puff pastry. So easy, so delicious and SOOOO impressive!!! Best of all, not only can you make the dill sauce ahead of […]

  • Golden Trout a la Omi

    Golden Trout a la Omi

    An easy, delicious, healthy and speedy summer recipe. How we gonna call it?! Well…. Omi. Why?! Well because this is my name. Originating in the high altitudes of the northern Rocky Mountains of the United States the Golden Trout has been called the “fish from heaven” by the Americans.The flavor is best described as sweet […]

  • Balsamic Reduction (Glaze)

    Balsamic Reduction (Glaze)

    Balsamic reduction sauce is a gourmet finishing sauce that will make your friends and family think you’ve taken up a cooking class–but it’s just oh-so-easy! Drizzle on salads, bread, deliiicious on fish, this sauce is sweet, tart, and a must have in the kitchen! There are some bottled balsamic glazes out there, but from the […]

  • Moroccan Fish Stew

    Moroccan Fish Stew

    Who says you can’t enjoy a steaming bowl of stew during the warm summer days? Well definitely not the Moroccan people.I’ve never been to Morocco,but I can tell you- this is one of my favourite cuisines. It’s so aromatic,colorful,full of flavour and above all so healthy ,that don’t be surprised if I publish one Moroccan […]