Squid and Chorizo

Squid and Chorizo

Squid and Chorizo

Squid and Chorizo
  • 2 baby squid cleaned
  • 500 g chorizo cut into coins
  • 200 ml tomato concasse
  • ½ red chilli deseeded
  • ½ shallot finely diced
  • 1 garlic clove diced
  • 50 ml red wine
  • 1 small thyme sprig
  • parsley leaves for garnish
  1. Into a heavy based pan on a medium heat place the shallot, chilli and garlic, sweat down but do not colour. Once cooked through add the thyme and red wine, reduce the wine by ¾ and then add the tomato concasse. Leave to simmer for 4 minutes, remove the thyme and then remove from the heat.
  2. Using a stick blender pulse the mix and then pass through a fine sieve and place in the fridge until needed.
  3. With a very sharp knife score the body of the squid with fine horizontal and vertical lines taking care not to cut all the way through the flesh.
  4. Place two pans over a high heat and add the chorizo to the pan, cook for 1 minute on either side turn the heat down and add the tomato sauce. As you do this in the other pan add the squid season and cook very quickly (for about 1-2 minutes).
  5. Add the tomato and chorizo to a warm bowl and then the parsley and squid as shown.






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