Pear and Chicory Salad

Pear and Chicory Salad

Monday is the key day of the week…people say, so let’s start this week with something simple, something tasty and easy do do at home! Let me introduce you to pear and chicory salad with blue cheese-Simple, Healthy, and Delicious!

Pear and Chicory Salad Recipe

Pears and blue cheese have a natural affinity, and I’m tempering it with some bland ricotta. The crisp bitterness of the chicory and the pepperiness of the watercress, make a perfect balance.

A hint about “toasting” nuts: you don’t actually have to do this under a grill, or in an oven (where they get forgotten about). It’s much easier to put them in a nonstick frying pan on a medium heat, and swizzle them round till they get pale brown and the oils are released. That’s what gives them that lovely nutty flavour.


8-10 chicory leaves
8 sprigs watercress
1 small little gem lettuce
1/2 pear
About 10 cubes of Cashel Blue (or Gorgonzola) cheese
About 6 cubes of ricotta, pref Laverstoke Hall Farm
About 10 toasted walnut halves, cut again


2 tblspns olive oil
1 tblspn fresh lemon juice
1/2 finely chopped garlic clove

Sea salt
Fresh ground black pepper

Arrange as in the photo and pour dressing over.

Simplicity and pure healthiness!






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