Lemon seared sea bass with pea, pecorino and herb risotto

I’ve got to admit that “Lemon seared sea bass with pea, pecorino and herb risotto” sounds awfully fancy coming from some punk from London. It’s not, though. This is actually one of the simplest methods I use when it comes to making delicious fish consistently. It just flat out works.

To me, the coolest thing about this recipe is that it’s not really a recipe at all. It’s a method. It would work equally well with a hunk of Halibut or a nice piece of Salmon or Red Mullet. It’s almost – dare I say – fool proof! All I am doing is giving you the perfect dinner party show off dish!


2 Sea bass  6 fillets
1.5 litres homemade chicken stock
A glass of white wine
0.3 kg fresh blanched peas or blanched petit pois
50g unsalted butter
2 shallots
1 tablespoons fresh parsley
1 tablespoons chives
150g risotto rice
100g (approx – add more depending on taste)grated pecorino
1 unwaxed lemon- zested and juiced
Pea shoots to decorate


  1. Cut each side of bass into 2 pieces and season the skin side with lemon zest, salt and pepper
  2. In a saucepan heat a tablespoon of the butter and soften the shallots in it, without colouring for about 15 minutes
  3. In a separate saucepan heat the chicken stock in preparation for adding to the risotto
  4. Add the rice to the shallots and fry until the rice becomes opaque
  5. Next add the glass of white wine and wait until the liquid has been absorbed before ladling in the stock bit by bit stirring in between
  6. In a separate frying pan heat up a tablespoon of olive oil and place the bass in skin side down
  7. Fry for a minute or so until the skin becomes crisp and set aside on a baking sheet to finish off in the oven for about 4 – 5 minutes
  8. Continue with the risotto until it is aldente and then add the peas, pecorino and remaining butter
  9. Stir in the lemon zest and herbs and lastly the lemon juice – taste and adjust seasoning
  10. Serve on warmed plates, a couple of spoonfuls of risotto and the sea bass on top with some pea shoots to decorate or more chives.
  11. Open a bottle of  Gewürztraminer White Wine
  12. Eat well & Laugh often!






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