Category: Cuisines

  • Give me red…Red Velvet Cake Roll

    I’ve have always wanted to make a red velvet cake (RVC) for as long as I can remember. It scared me (!)….like so many other people around the globe… It was only last week I lost my red velvet virginity – I seem to be losing my virginity a lot these days. Red Velvet cake […]

  • Apple Tart

    Who says British food is bland and boring? If you’ve ever tasted in the morning apple tart with vanilla (or cinnamon) ice cream,well, then you know the fallacy of that statement. If you want to make a very quick (and yummy) apple tart ,look no farther than the freezer section of your grocery store- Tesco […]

  • Spinach Balls

    Because sometimes it’s nice to recreate a favourite restaurant dish at home lets try these spinach balls form one of our favourite Carluccio Restaurant dishes – Penne Giardiniera – pasta with courgette and plenty of chilli and garlic, topped with deep fried spinach and parmesan balls, known in Italian as polpettine di spinaci. Okay, so […]