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  • Balsamic Reduction (Glaze)

    Balsamic Reduction (Glaze)

    Balsamic reduction sauce is a gourmet finishing sauce that will make your friends and family think you’ve taken up a cooking class–but it’s just oh-so-easy! Drizzle on salads, bread, deliiicious on fish, this sauce is sweet, tart, and a must have in the kitchen! There are some bottled balsamic glazes out there, but from the…

  • Strawberry and Mascarpone Buttermilk Pudding

    Strawberry and Mascarpone Buttermilk Pudding

    If you go to any farmer’s market right now, ripe organic strawberries abound. What do you do with them? A dessert so ridiculously simple but still amazingly good. A dessert that, dare I say it, puts your mother’s pudding to shame. Yes. To shame. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Ingredients: 1/4 cup water…