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Strawberry Tart with Crème Patisserie

Nothing smells of an English summer like strawberries. I have wanted to make crème patisserie for ages and thought it would be the perfect accompaniment to the strawberries in this classic, unfussy tart. For the base of the tart, of course, we are using our yesterday recipe ‘ pate brisee’ ….and now you probably know […]

White Wine

Asti Spumanti

A non-Champagne sparkling wine, Asti spumanti comes from the Turin region of Italy and is very popular with new wine drinkers. Asti spumanti is Italy’s second most produced wine, with “clones” produced in California and other locations. It is a sweet-to-semi-sweet dessert wine. Some people prefer asti to French Champagne because of asti’s sweetness and […]