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  • 50 Best Summer Drinks to enjoy during the Olympics

    50 Best Summer Drinks to enjoy during the Olympics

    Our 50 Best Summer Drinks are full of flavor — they can be subtle, fruity, or just plain refreshing. Enjoy these alcohol-enhanced summer cocktails and drinks during the Olympic parties, weekend cookouts, or while hanging out with a friend. 1. PB Frappe Puree 1/4 cup peanut butter with 1 cup milk. Pour some chocolate syrup […]

  • This Crazy Summer Wine

    This Crazy Summer Wine

    The best summer days begin with blue-sky mornings, carry on with sunny afternoons at the pool or the beach, and end with lazy, comfortable chit-chat among friends as the sun dips below the horizon.  Of course, summer afternoons and evenings are made inevitably better if you are relaxing with a cool, sweet drink in your […]

  • Cocktail Preslava (Summer Thrill)

    Cocktail Preslava (Summer Thrill)

    Somebody gave me a bottle of  Tanqueray London Dry Gin for my birthday last year.Thank you very much but I don’t really drink gin-wine lover since birth…. So what do you do with 40% spirit that you don’t like.Well there is only one single option-cocktails. Here is one I created recently.Strangely enough a friend visited […]