Avocado Crab Dip

I especially love this cold crab dip, made with avocados as a base. I remember spreading this on a turkey sandwich once. Sublime. Start with two bruised, pitiful looking avocados. But only if you want to be like me. If you don’t want to be like me, use nice, lovely avocados. Pit them and scoop […]

White Wine


In Spain, Albariño is one of wine’s new kids on the block. Twenty years ago it was little known – it was only in 1986 that the Rias Baixas denomination of origin was set up in Galicia, in the north west. Prices rose rapidly as it became the smart drink in Madrid. Now there are […]

Red Wine


This is probably the first red wine anyone drinks in an Italian restaurant or pizza place. That’s because it can be cheap and very cheerful. The red, juicy fruit and the low tannins are appealing, while the firm acidity is a positive advantage with rich and fatty foods like cheeses and salamis. Barbera’s home is […]

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Cajun Chicken Pasta

This is an exceedingly yummy, decadent pasta dish with chicken, vegetables, and lots and lots of scrumptious carbs. It’s a cinch to throw together, and if you don’t have prepared Cajun spice in your cabinet, you can just throw a few spices together to make your own combination. Different Cajun spice mixtures use different combinations […]

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Beef Fajita Nachos

Oh dear. These are good. These are very, very good. Flank steak marinated in chipotle, lime, garlic, and cilantro is used not for fajitas, as one might expect flank steak marinated in chipotle, lime, garlic, and cilantro to be used for…but for fajita nachos, a nice, unexpected twist. Make these for the Super Bowl! Serve […]